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Detail King’s Video Vault has a large number of auto detailing training movies that highlight a variety of our auto detailing products, automobile detailing equipment, and auto detailing services.

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They hold a series of technician seminars throughout the year, which are effectively two days of hands-on car detailing training. This in-person training focuses on both business suggestions and technical development, and they also provide 3-day seminars in vehicle cleaning and reconditioning services.

If you’re interested in self-guided vehicle detailing, they also sell training DVDs on their website here.

For the money invested, I would give the overall experience a 7/10. Everyone was courteous and informed. To enhance the experience, I would provide a start-up chemical kit with a few interior/exterior treatments. In addition to employing additional or different tactics, offer more information about the business and funding. There were a few non-hands-on items that would have been useful. Detail King Certified in February 2022.

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I urge you to visit the Carwash Country Materials Center for free auto detailing seminars, eBooks, and other resources, as well as the Carwash Country blog, where you can discover both business and detailing ideas.

In the first lesson, you’ll learn the fundamentals of vehicle detailing and become acquainted with the chemicals you’ll be utilising throughout the course. Having a thorough grasp of auto detailing chemicals will ensure that you deliver great results while never causing harm to a customer’s vehicle.

Learn sophisticated paint correction techniques and processes for completely improving and restoring a paint finish to like-new condition. Paint correction experts are in high demand, and possessing this expertise will set you apart from the regular auto detailer.

Many of our videos may also be viewed on YouTube! We also provide a four-DVD bundle with over five hours of Auto Detailing Training Methods and Procedures, as well as a two-hour film for the “business side,” which includes operations and marketing.

9 High-Definition Detailing Video Modules

Hello, my name is Baxter! Thank you for visiting Carwash Country, a site where you can get answers and advice about cleaning and protecting your car, truck, or SUV.

Whether you are an auto detailer or a hobbyist, learning how to properly detail a car is something you should educate yourself on if you want to see better results.

Learn everything there is to know about first car cleaning to achieve greater outcomes later on. Preparation is a crucial detailing skill, and this procedure includes in-depth teaching on prep washing, detailed clay usage, tyre and rim cleaning, and more.

A client inspection is the first step in every detailing work. In this chapter, you’ll discover particular tactics for appraising a customer’s car, providing basic services, and capitalising on upselling and cross-selling possibilities.

Train with the professionals! You may watch videos and take a certification test online, or you can come to the Simoniz Garage for hands-on auto detailing training.

You should anticipate to pay anywhere from $20 to $2,000 for most of these training courses and videos, depending on the level of information provided. Before diving into advanced detailed techniques that include polishers and a range of equipment, it’s always a good idea to start with a firm foundation of beginning techniques.

Online Advanced Auto Detailing Training Is Brand New For 2020

Interior detailing offers step-by-step instructions for using hot water extractors to clean carpets and upholstery in vehicle interiors. This covers lessons in cleaning and dressing vinyl and leather, as well as all of the necessary procedures and tools for making interiors gleam like new.

Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or a professional detailer, my objective is to assist you obtain the knowledge you need to get the job done.

While there are several vehicle cleaning procedures available, having information is one of the greatest ways to know what to do in a given circumstance.

The Rightlook Online Detail Training Distinctiveness

AutoGeek is another shop that primarily offers in-person training, but they also provide various online lessons and tips for completing important vehicle detailing procedures that novices may find useful. They have a sizable community as well.

If you’ve been in the vehicle detailing industry for any length of time, you’ve probably come across Detail King as a resource. They have an in-person Auto Detailing School, which might be a fantastic choice in the future, but they also provide video information.

The Online Training Platform is extremely user-friendly and can be accessed from any device! Once logged in, you’ll be able to quickly and easily go through all of our training programmes.

In this essay, I’ll go through 5 online training courses that are suitable for both beginners and professionals.

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For those with intermediate to expert detailing abilities, both his YouTube channel and website training area provide a variety of free training materials, PDFs, and videos.

Most of these detailing classes start at less than $20 and might be a wonderful place to start for hobbyists. You won’t find any certificates here, but you will be able to access some reasonably priced and in-depth information.

Some of the business-oriented courses are substantially more economical, making them an excellent choice if you’re searching for video content to help expand your firm.

Our new video curriculum, modelled around our 5-day advanced hands-on training course, is conveniently available online, allowing you to progress through the course at your own speed and simply discover and revisit certain portions.

Detail King’s Video Vault has a large number of auto detailing training movies that highlight a variety of our auto detailing products, automobile detailing equipment, and auto detailing services.

The exterior detailing module will teach you how to rejuvenate paint, preserve paint, polish, compound, and apply protective wax and paint sealant. By learning these procedures, you will be able to treat even the most delicate exterior surfaces.

Vault of Videos

Customers will be impressed if you can demonstrate that you have received the necessary training to become a detailing specialist. You will receive a downloadable certificate of certification once you have finished the course.

Our online training sessions provide tried-and-true, methodical auto detailing processes for working smarter, not harder.

The majority of vehicle detailers are untrained. Self-trained detailers make less money and risk damaging customer vehicles, but professional auto detailing training from will set you apart from the competition and give you the confidence to take on any task and provide results that will keep customers coming back.

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In addition to all of our fantastic video training module content, you will also receive additional checklists, inspection sheets, and other useful tools to print and use in your business.

In this comprehensive video training course, no topic was ignored. Our new video programme, modelled after our 5-day advanced hands-on training course, is conveniently accessible online and divided into 9 training modules, allowing you to progress through the course at your own speed and simply discover and study certain areas.

We give access to extra movies such as Headlight Restoration in addition to the 9 car detail instruction programmes. You may get bonus videos immediately through your online training library portal.

We provide a year of priority tech assistance from our highly experienced team of detailed teachers for free. Whatever the scenario, you may contact us for assistance with routine processes or advice on a particularly difficult work.

Interior Detailing (Module 5)

Our online course was created by qualified educators who are industry professionals who are passionate about vehicle detailing.

While in-person instruction is beneficial for many procedures, auto detailing online training is now more available than ever. You have alternatives if you’re seeking for online training to acquire new tactics or sales and marketing advice as a business owner.

The application of Nano Ceramic Coatings is today’s trendy, high-margin service in demand! In this seminar, you will learn the right ways for properly protecting a vehicle finish with the R1 NanoCeramic Coating line’s 9H hardness.

Larry and his staff at AMMO NYC are among the finest in the field when it comes to teaching basic to advanced car detailing ideas.

Train with the professionals! You may watch videos and take a certification test online, or you can come to the Simoniz Garage for hands-on auto detailing training.

As an amateur detailer, Udemy is one of the most cost-effective training alternatives. While you should exercise caution when adopting strategies from anybody who offers a course on this site, this is a fantastic choice if you are searching for fundamental business advice to help you become a better detailer.

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